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The Evolution of Mainframe Security to Cybersecurity (Lagoa)
Tuesday 03 May 2016, 06:00pm
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A talk by Jim Lichko

The talk that will be of interest to all people with computers, Jim will discuss how Mainframe security evolved to Cybersecurity? He will answer such questions as: Why are the projected losses to Cybercrime projected to be 2 trillion Euros by 2019? Jim has been involved with computer security since the 70’s as a Naval Cryptologist, Project Officer at NSA, Chief of Staff at the National Computer Security Center, Johns Hopkins’ Professor, executive at two major Computer Security vendors, and independent consultant supporting over 300 security assessments of commercial, military and government systems, including the first Internet Gambling Casino and the Whitehouse. Jim will explain the difference in needs for computer security as the systems and commerce evolved from Mainframes, PCs, LANs, Internet to Clouds. Also, how the threat evolved. He will explain in non-technical terms what Firewalls, Cryptography, and Anti-Virus/SPAM are and how they protect your information. Jim is an author of 5 cybersecurity books and has presented to conferences and classes all over the world. Jim has lived fulltime in Ferragudo since 2010 and is a Board member and Cybersecurity Advisor for Safe Communities Portugal.


Location Municipal Library Lagoa