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Salazar and the British (Lagoa)
Tuesday 26 September 2017, 06:00pm
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A talk by David Johnson

Salazar´s Estado Novo dated from 1933, and was overthrown as a result of the Carnation Revolution in 1974. The longevity of this dictatorship is some evidence of Salazar´s effectiveness in power. Britain´s imperial role was dwindling over this time, but Portugal still looked to the oldest ally for support.Sensing the danger of war in 1939, Portugal looked to Britain for arms supplies; cleverly walking the tightrope of neutrality during WW2, Salazar kept both Axis and Allies at arms length, but finally in 1943 allowed Britain to build an air base in the Azores; in 1945, calling elections as free as in free England; in 1961, as Goa was attacked, calling on Britain for moral and military support; in 1957, accepting one of Queen Elizabeth´s first state visits. The alliance dates from the fourteenth century, and over most of its life, Britain has been the more powerful partner. There is no doubt that there was a close relationship between the two countries, but how useful to either partner was the old alliance, as Britain´s position in the world became less important?

Location Convento São José Lagoa
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